About the Journal

International Journal of Information System and Innovation Management (IJISIM) is a scientific journal focuses on Information System, Innovation and Management Sciences. IJISIM is published under Yayasan Pendidikan Islam Al-Matani. IJISIM aims to publish original articles, whether in the form of theoretical studies, empirical studies, or practical studies. IJISIM is published two times a year (June and December). IJISIM invites papers on a wide range of topics, including the following (but not limited to these topics area) :

Information Systems: Includes but is not limited to database systems, artificial intelligence in information management, cloud computing technology and big data.

Business Management: How information systems can assist in business decision-making and how innovative management can influence business performance.

Social Aspects of Information Systems: The impact of information systems on individuals, groups or the broader society.

Policy & Regulatory: Legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of information technology as well as governance and regulation.